Hey there,


I'm Noah, and I'm as keen as mustard to help you out.

There are some folks in the creative space who are driven by winning design awards or landing the next big client, but I get a huge kick out of seeing people reach their goals.

Image of Noah Mitchell - Web Designer and Webflow Developer
I drive a kick-ass 7-seater family car. But what drives me?

Results come first.

As much as I love throwing down some slick fonts, colours, and illustrations, I always start by creating a shared understanding of what you want to achieve in order to set your project up for the very best chance of success.

Hard work and I are like 🤞

You and I both know that nothing worth having comes easy (with the possible exception of chicken nuggets). That's why I'll stick with you and your team, not only cranking out deliverables, but proactively working with you to see how we can boost your organisation to the next level.

#GoodVibes Welcome

I value having upbeat, productive, and healthy relationships with everyone I work with... it keeps me going. That's why you can expect a friendly voice on the phone, smiles in meetings, and more than occasional emojis in your inbox 💪

More than just a website

I don't just make nice logos or create whizzy-jig web animations (though I do love those things). I'm here to help you form a cohesive digital strategy and train your team to make the most of brand guidelines, powerful website editing features and SEO best practices.

This is how I roll

Official Biography

Noah Mitchell

Designer. World-renowned marketing guru. Board game enthusiast.

Originally from Gainesville (the party capital of North Central Florida), I've spent years working in the nonprofit scene before breaking into digital marketing, SEO, and web development. I love the chance to be creative and to help business leaders tell irresistible stories online.

Let me show you something cool...